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About Me

My name is Cheri J. Nichol. I have studied Chinese Feng Shui with Calgary-based Master Dr. David Lai, since 1996. In 2001, I became certified as a Feng Shui Consultant in 5 Elements Theory, Yuen Huen Feng Shui, 4 Pillars & Chinese Astrology. 

After decades of study, practice and countless testimonials/successes, most recently I have morphed into a whole new Chinese Feng Shui advocate!!! Why the amped-up revelation and how the passion when a lot of solutions include 3-legged frogs, dragon turtles, gourds, coins, etc.?

For 25+ years I have seen the accuracy of predicting good and bad energy flows that precisely impact lives and businesses. I have also seen the successes of following up with the recommended solutions in order to promote upcoming positives and subjugate/avoid pending hardships/disasters. In turn, I have also seen clients neglect to follow-up and within a year are gob-smacked at the good/bad events/happenings that rolled from predictions to realities. In the last 2 decades, I have also personally experienced the predicted successes and also the predicated and costly fall-outs of failing to proactively apply the necessary Feng Shui solutions.

I am very passionate and qualified to make a difference in people’s lives and businesses. My teacher/mentor, Chinese Feng Shui Master Dr. David Lai has made a difference in many lives and businesses, including the design of many Calgary-based buildings/businesses, such as the Bow building, TransCanada Pipe, etc. etc. Dr. Lai is also a Doctor in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I am so honoured and blessed to have him in my life. Dr. Lai is an inspiration, icon and master.

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My Publications

Chinese Feng Shui Buy/Sell Guide for Realtor

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DIY Chinese Feng Shui gift/guide for your residence/business

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Go With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) for organizations

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 Flow With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) for individuals

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