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Energize your life, family, relationships, business AND bank account!!! 

… feel the buzz, the synergy… the logic AND lust for power!!!…


Energy is everything, everywhere. It is the ebb and flow of all that exists, all that we desire and all that we experience. Energy is the ultimate conductor and connector, of people, the planet and the Universe. Energy connects all of us.

In it’s compact form, energy is a solid; a visual mass, slow and stagnant. Without substance, energy has no physical presence, no boundaries… a steady abyss in most people’s consciousness. Whichever the form, energy is a continuum that vibrates in the positive or negative. Positive flows are smooth and organized; negative flows are sporadic and unpredictable, and positive attracts positive.

Energy is our life force, resonating based on our thoughts, attitudes, feelings, words, and through our body language. While it might vary in vibration, the gist, is positive or negative. What you choose and what you put out there, impacts your Spirit, your health, what you attract and what comes back to you. It’s the simple, proven Laws of Attraction.

While it may seem cheezy, challenging and even non-traditional, to try to accurately define or derive actual value from what we can not see, touch or quantify, in reality… energy pushes things to thrive, or go awry, without ever being factored or noticed. In reality, energy is ever-present and we have opportunity to up the vibe and block the negative.

A lot of our health issues are energy build-ups that convert to blockages, as a result of long, unresolved or unexpressed emotions. As positive flows into the negative, eventually blockages grow into full-blown stop-ups. Harmony or dysfunction… a mere choice in avenue…. a major choice in outcome.

It’s similar when it comes to our noggins… A LOT of our mental health and most definitely, our addiction issues, arise from a lack of Happy. In truth, despite all the wonderful efforts, dedication and dollars we put towards proactive mental health and recovery, A LOT of what we lend, ironically gives traction to a snowball of toxic, quietly be groomed, under the covers, likely a cancer slowly killing our nation. Energy is so prevalent and powerful, A LOT of our struggle, strive, love and intention, can still pave way for the negative. Here, we are CHOtally making Energy and Happiness, a whole new lens, focus and language. New-age is old… we’re entering a fresh, new world of proactive energy medicine. Talk about raw, organic and authentic!!! 

Working separate or together, energies and emotions, can fast-track failures or  successes, in lives, relationships and businesses. Both pack a minute-to-minute punch that’s silent and powerful and both are magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation, be it positive or negative. In essence, they are both privy to the Third Law of Motion.

Naturally, positive emotions trigger positive energy streams. By consistently focusing on positive dreams, intentions & visualizations, we give way to greater gains, measures and successes, and in ways we can count on, to capture. When people are Happy, we can pump it even more, by creating Happy synergies within groups and organizations. Taking advantage of Happy collective masses???… can you say, ‘power in numbers, at it’s finest?!!’ Ask me about my Happiness Questionnaire and my Happy Culture Footprint.

These days, being lost is no longer rare, it’s actually very common. To make a difference, we spur the positives, by upping Happy emotions and pumping positive energy streams. Here, we lighten journeys and energize storylines. Here… we use and are planning to prove, all the many strengths, powers and benefits.

Feng Shui

Feng (Wind) Shui (Water) is an ancient old science that has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years.  Although many Feng Shui Practitioners choose to exercise their intuition when performing their services, Feng Shui is not a religion nor does it claim to be anything spiritual.  Feng Shui is a science that provides an optimum balance of positive and negative energy flows between heaven, earth and your life energy on the planet.

Understanding that all people, animals, and things on earth are represented by one of five elements, being fire, earth, wood, water and metal, by considering an individuals life energy, or ‘Chi’, as well as the types of elements comprising an individuals’ or business’ geographical surroundings and environment, we are able to determine, and streamline the sources and movements of both positive and negative energy flows.

Feng Shui has become a well-known and well-accepted cliche, and solution, in today’s society simply because of the traction of its successes.

By defining positive and negative energy flows, we can enhance the opportunity for success, for an individual or a business, by optimizing positive energy flows and minimizing the power of any negative energy sources.

The Power of Words!!!

We are naturally wired for survival. 
We are also… love, peace and harmony.
We naturally function in an ‘on-alert’ position.
Positive stimuli naturally promotes happy calm and relaxation.
Negative stimuli naturally promotes stress and anxiety.
Stimuli is conveyed through energy.
Words stimulate energy.
Positive words stimulate positive energy.
Positive energy promotes good health, longevity and opportunity.
Negative words stimulate negative energy.
Negative energy is random and disorganied. It promotes toxic build-ups, in our bodies, relationships and environment.
Toxic build-ups promote pain, illness and disease.
Words are spoken, thought or written.
Words instantly affect the speaker, the listener, reader or receiver.
Words instantly affect auras and body language.
Words instantly affect the environment.
Words affect opportunity and life.
Create your Happy life!!!
Think, write, speak and hold yourself in the positive!

I am….. so thus I am…… I think….. so thus I am…..