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Why focus on Happiness?

Happiness is a silver-bullet for people, the economy AND our nation.

the benefits are steady, fruitful and fabulous…

Happiness is more than a feeling and more like an innate intelligence…

a logical, Happy choice, for people, business, the animals and our planet!!!

People’s Need for Happiness

  • accelerated, logical increase in the volume of mental health challenges – all ages, genders, races, religions, suits, titles, bank accounts; 
  • the transitioning of Baby Boomer (BB) mindsets, to post-work years, pace and mentality;
  • post-BB’s, will logically face, the accelerated loss of parents/grandparents;
  • Laws of Diminishing Returns. Logical increase in the volume of mental health challenges, in response to the realization that money and stuff, alone, may not provide sustained joy and Happiness;
  • people are seeking… spirituality has definitely hit the mainstream – a natural dose of strength and ‘feel-good’, no longer reserved for just hippies or woohoos!; 
  • wanting to feel happy, is common, in all of us. It’s the ‘lack of happy’, that’s draining us;
  • Happiness is an innate intelligence that is common in all of us. It’s the ‘lack of happy’, that’s draining our spirits. Living Happy is a personal right to entitlement.

Benefits for Happy People

  • enhances health, wellbeing, longevity;
  • enhances spiritual connection – self-awareness, self-love;
  • increases energy, motivation, desire;
  • improves confidence, social skills, relationships;
  • improves focus, resiliency, stamina;
  • enhances creativity, focus, performance;
  • upticks opportunities;
  • realize goals more quickly;
  • low-cost, low-maintenance;
  • right to entitlement for every individual;
  • fast, easy to engage, minimal learning curve, effortless, natural to sustain;
  • fun, positive, stress-free.

The Need for Happy Businesses

  • majority of Canadian workforce, extremely disengaged;
  • need to enhance productivity, performance and loyalty;
  • large, rapidly-retiring, shrinking Baby Boomer workforce;
  • large gap in generational experience;
  • need to do more with less people… even with AI, we are not there yet!;
  • organizations subject to ongoing, scrutinies and stigmas.

Benefits for Happy Businesses

  • increases revenues; reduces costs;
  • increases motivation, productivity, performance;
  • improves teamwork, communications, sales;
  • attracts and maintains quality staff;
  • provides ability to do more with less people;
  • reduces absenteeism;
  • eases retirement / succession planning;
  • reduces gap in experience;
  • high in demand, endless in supply, cheap to install;
  • minimal learning curve, immediate results, quick to replenish;
  • resilience and strength in any market or economy.

Our Nation’s Need for Happiness

  • we now know, the cost of, a ‘lack of happy’, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially;
  • accelerated gains in wealth per capita, minimal gains in overall happiness of people, over last 4 decades. Canada’s GNH – Gross National Happiness; 
  • more illness, disease and addiction occurring more often, and more at younger ages > heavily burdening a system that is already crippled, in unprecedented challenges;
  • From 2015-2021, the seniors out number the youth in our country for the first time in Canada’s history. Exponentially, our youth will face greater rates of loss, at much younger ages;
  • senior tsunami> large, rapidly-aging population creating greater strains on medical services, caregivers, business and government purse. Large reductions in disposable income, consumers spending, investor pools and risk-takers. Who pays for AI? Does AI, spend money and pay taxes?; Global issue;
  • smaller post-BB population forced to inherit more industries newly-created by BB’s >  technology, environment, social, wellness, alternative medicine, etc.. How will we uphold our mammoth economic engine and our heavily dispersed tax base and afford the elderly?;
  • daunting, unprecedented predictions, facing all aspects of society;
  • society indicators screaming, for a spiritual reboot;
  • population dynamics… senior tsunami on the horizon;
  • people living in fear, anxiety and uncertainty, is a huge strain, for our nation.

Benefits of a Happier Nation

  • proactively reduces the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively, increase Canada’s GNH.
  • reduces costs, $$$ financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.
  • motivates individuals, with passion and purpose, to come together, as a nation;
  • multi-generational blending of mindsets. Success is no longer the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to success.
  • elevates happiness and longevity!!!
A personal toast to Canada's GNH Gross National Happiness

A personal toast to Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness…

Feeling Happy, is your innate motivator and navigator. It’s like a built-in equilibrium and setting, that you can consistently rely on. Wanting to feel Happy, is the purpose and passion, underlying everything you do, the relationships you keep, and all that you seek to create, experience and accomplish. Happiness is why you dream and why you get up in the morning! Of course, we can share a lot of Happy positives, but in reality, Happiness is different in all of us, just because all of us, are different. You see it’s presence, in all the beautiful art, imaginations, ideas, curiosities and creations, and you hear it’s presence when you feel it stream, through music. 

Feeling Happy, is yours, by design. Since we are all connected, of course, the joy is magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation. It’s thrill rate clobbers the killer rate of any virus except as it grows, it effortlessly breeds a lot more fruitful positives!!! 

Lacking Happy or living too askew of your own likes and preferences, for long, extended periods, can disrupt your natural balance and flow and upset your entire well-being! It doesn’t matter who you know, what you’ve achieved, your title, bank account, or even all your appreciations, donations or gratitudes, nobody is exempt from quietly sliding, right down the rabbit hole!!! Attempting to hide or deny a lack of Happy, only invites more of the agony, and leaving it, to it’s own path of virtue, leaves the true perpetrator, at large, in many, many cases!

We’ve given A LOT of ourselves, to finding a Happy groove, in such a fast-paced, high-demand, rapidly-changing, high-performance world! The relentless pace, politics and plethora, we are living, is clearly threatening our joy, excitement and business. A lack of Happy is costly, intellectually, financially, emotionally, mentally AND spiritually. Our forefathers fought for our freedom, and after just one generation of modernization and ‘progress’, you may have… to march for your marbles! Marching to your own drum, is your best way to win any mindset battle!!! 

The psyche of our nation needs a serious reboot! 

Wanting to live Happy is a natural yearning. It’s your true, authentic power, that resides inside of YOU. It’s way more than just rare, fleeting moments, though it’s also, a use-it or lose-it program. Happiness is a choice YOU can trigger, in an instant, or sustain, as a lifestyle.

If you are, a little lop-sided on the external; frustrated with regurgitating head chatter; lack interest and/or motivation; or if you’re sick of feeling fear, anxiety or even depression, you may have to temporarily focus on your Happiness, just to regain, refresh and realign yourself, in a busy, chaotic world. Take it, as a gift and not as a heavy. It’s a call from your spirit to drop the scenarios and maybe the prescriptions … it knows who you are and exactly what you’re made of!!! Take advantage of CHO2go, as your personal portal for finding your Happy sweet spot!

Happiness is good for our spirits, health, wealth and business.