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Cancer (Crab): June 22nd–July 22nd

Ruled by: Moon

Sign: water

Colours: white, cream, red, yellow, silver, metallic grey

Metal: silver

Flower: water lily, magnolia

Season: summer

Stone: pearl, opal

Anatomy: breasts, stomach

Lucky #’s: 2, 7, 9

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon… the inner child and mother, representing your deepest emotional needs and subconsciousness. Cancers are a complex blend of heartfelt, loving gestures and quiet, contradicting moves and manners. Their moon knows no boundaries. 

Though easily adaptable, a Cancer will go to extreme measures, to avoid change. They are self-protective, low-key introverts with strong maternal/paternal instincts, who are Happy, ‘rooting’ at home, focused around… order the 5×7 card, for the full-blown Cancer astrological summary.

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5×7 blank greeting card – $6.99, 8.5×11 art print – 1/500 – limited signed edition – $11.99