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Flow With Your CHO


By Cheri Nichol

Happiness is already in You so it’s easy to tap into the power and the positive! You’re designed to feel happy, be happy and live happy so why settle for just those rare, fleeting moments?

Every individual is a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). You are the CHO of your self. The CHO is the internal livelihood and happy that resides within you. Flow With Your CHO (FWYCHO) uses the CHO to communicate and promote the happiness messages.

Happiness, is not just a passing trend, a fad, a fluffy cliche or a savvy marketing gimmick. It is not privy to age, gender, generation, race, religion, suit, title, bank balance or scenario. Feeling Happy is, that one natural denominator, short of our differences, that truly is, common in all of us. 

Happiness has always been subjective, personal and private. Now, after 4 decades of aggressively toiling, building and progressing, it seems that many are experiencing the money and material but not necessarily the Happy that was expected to go with it. Canada has made great gains in it’s wealth per capita but very few gains, when it comes to it’s GNH Gross National Happiness. Once upon a time, we could take Happiness for granted. Now, you may have to temporarily focus on your Happiness, if you have any hope of experiencing it, on a day-to-day basis. We are naturally wired for Happiness. If we aren’t living Happy, or striving to live Happy, a lack of Happy can logically evolve, or spin, into a mental health issue or challenge. 

As a nation, we know the cost of a lack of Happy, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, and most of what we know, is just what’s clinically recorded. With a health care system, already strained and burdened, and a senior tsunami darkening the horizon, the psyche of our nation, is now in crisis and success is no longer the key to Happiness; Happiness is the key to success, for many individuals and organizations. 

FWYCHO - Flow With Your CHO reveals Happiness, as more than just a feeling and more like an innate intelligence. It takes it from an ‘intangibly-perceived’ emotion, to a fruitful, full-blown asset, you can rely on, as a lifestyle or as a Happy cultur footprint. 

Success is no longer the key to Happiness… 

Happiness is THE key to success

FWYCHO is, a step-by-step guide, that introduces the CHO - Chief Happiness Officer, as a motivator and catalyst, for assisting individuals and organizations, in realizing the many proven benefits of Happiness.

FWYCHO, an ideal portal for rejuvenating your mind and honouring your heart-set. You wouldn’t expect to get physically fit without exercise so why expect to get mentally fit, or Happier, if you’re carrying excess mental baggage or know you’re lacking some Happy.

FWYCHO captures all the intelligences - intellectual, emotional, physical  and spiritual, to assist you in creating, a strong, Happy foundation, that aligns with your likes, priorities, goals and preferences… it’s like a built-in Happy compass, to navigate your Happy groove, in your realm of a busy, chaotic society. 

The CHO, flows, using an integrated blend of basic psychology; metaphysical laws and energies; widely-accepted spirituality practices; and compilations/lessons from my personal successes, adversities and journey.

Where negative lurks, there is always the positive.

FWYCHO guides you, to hone positive energies in your environment, through your thoughts, words, emotions and body language. It reveals how you can polish your Happy character, to attract your Happiest relationships, opportunities and successes. 

Happiness, might be a ‘use-it’ or ‘lose-it’ program but easy, to be, once you’re on it. Not only is it magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation, it’s also easy to spread and to take advantage of, and also via Happy power, in numbers. Choosing Happy, individually or in mass doses, sets a positive, proactive path, for manifesting dreams, into fruitful realities, if you set clear, concise goals and stay committed to a clear, concise Happy action plan and vision.

To honour your fresh, Happy spirit and keep you flowing, Happily, forward, of course, FWYCHO provides a Happy bow, for Happy go-forward purposes. FWYCHO is a steady reminder, of what rocks your socks, what floats your boat or what gives your toque, a twirl. It provides a whole load of Happy ideas/suggestions/solutions, to keep your spirit, grounded and balanced, to fuel a Happier life, with grace, resilience and style.

FWYCHO offers a get-real, down-to-earth approach to reveal, that the grass really is greener in your own back yard. It is, for individuals who are Happy and want to get Happier, and for those who are living sad amongst the masses. It is for those who practice daily gratitudes and have appreciation, for all they have but secretly live, scared, or mysteriously feel a sense of void, emptiness or disappointment. It is for the individual who feels overwhelmed from the daily grind and struggle. And, it is for all those who care about the future health and wellness, of our nation.

Imagine a Happy person.

Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization.

Then, imagine many Happy organizations in a nation.

Now… together, we are making a difference.