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Spirituality has finally hit the mainstream!!!

… woooo hoo… a woo hoo hoo hoo!!!…

… and ‘new-age’ is older than ice cream!!! Luckily, Spirituality is no longer reserved for just hippies, gypsies, woohoos, artists, or church-goers. Still, even when it resonates, it is still cloudy, confusing and kinda challenging, to know, how or where, to park ‘it’, plug ‘it’ in or even how to get started. Forget knowing how to evolve ‘it’. Spirituality is way past a curiosity or a wonder… it is an inbred need and calling… a desire to want to explore and expand, your Spirit. It is you seeking to understand your divine sense of birth, purpose and belonging… a conscious decision to journey through life, cognitively acknowledging, the presence and support, of your Spirit. It’s only you that keeps you down and only you that keeps ‘it’, separate.

 Spirituality, is your calling for you to come home’.

Spirituality is nothing complicated or fancy. It’s YOU, integrating your strength, powers and belief system, into your day-to-day routines and lifestyle. YOU are your fast-track for living Happier, attracting healthier relationships and creating greater successes. Your Spirit thrives on love and authenticity, that comes from within. Collectively, Spirituality is a powerful movement, that positively aligns hearts, to lovingly and universally, connect people, our planet, our animals and the heavens. 

Your Spirit is… your mojo, your zest, your magic… your energetic cloak of love and empowerment. It is your energy and your essence… the source of who YOU are and how you choose to love, play and exist, on our planet.

Many people think they can not see their Spirit but in reality, it shines in your laugh, your moves, how you love, play and live… it’s in all that you do and all that you accomplish and experience. It even shows, in how you sit, walk or carry, yourself.

Your Spirit is the source of all your natural gifts and talents. It is only limited by your own beliefs, thoughts, boundaries and head chatter. Your Spirit is yours and nobody else’s and what is good for you, is not necessarily good for others. Only you can know what is best for your Spirit, and even then, you have to choose, to get to know it! Be loving, careful and protective, of your Spirit, cause it’s the only one you have… it’s your navigator and your touchstone. (1) Spirituality is aligning your own beliefs, ethics, morals and behaviours, with how you choose to live and be with others. It is your self-agenda and nobody else’s!

Despite the natural connection and attraction, there are still a lot of questions about how we embrace and evolve, our Spirits. Well, of course, it is a journey, not a destination… be easy on yourself! We free people to unleash their Spirits, to love and grow forward, in their lives and business. We try to dispel any confusion you might have when it comes to identifying Spiritual tools, teachings, healers, solutions or services… we even talk about the hoaxes, fakes and scammers! Here, we edCHOcate, share and provide platforms, for constructive Spiritual awareness, perspectives, reflections, revelations, discussions and super healthy connections. We welcome it all… for us, the sky is not the limit!!!

‘We have a spiritual deficit in our society’.

Russell Brand

Spirituality and Religion… beliefs and disclaimers…

Spirituality is a positive, independent movement that compliments any religion or belief system. It is about how you choose to honour your Spirit… it is you deciding the vision, path and pace, of your own evolution. It is up to you where your heart rests and what you rise to. All you have to do, is listen to what’s inside, of YOU! Spirituality is typically practiced, privately and/or with others. It’s your own personal path, for living and loving and it really does matter who’s preaching, what, at the pulpit! It’s ok to hone, and nurture, your own Spirit and super ok if you are not prone to gathering with the masses. Sometimes to learn, you have to spend time with your self, to get to a ground that’s more solid. We know the value of learning curves.

Religion, in comparison, is typically based on a common set of organized interpretations, principles and practices, which are typically relayed through the teachings of a religious leader, in a setting where people come together, on a regular basis, to enlighten their Spirits. Religion captures the goodness of a Happy collective which is wonderful for the human Spirit. Both religion and Spirituality encourage a healthy, independent relationship, with the Divine.

At CHO2go, we view both as wholesome and valuable, as long as religious teachings remain loving, positive, non-fearful, non-judging and not guilt-ridden, worrisome, controlling or costly and do not promote any one’s self-agenda or bank account!    

CHO2go produces results through self-love and self-empowerment. It does not matter what you believe or whom you may choose to praise or honour. We are 100% objective and unbiased. Here, we enable YOU, to get the most out of YOU and whatever you may indulge in.

At CHO2go, we are not judgers! However, it is also important to realize that the CHO2go empowerment model, is strictly not intended to develop, direct, support or promote, any activity that is illegal, unethical, hurtful, embarrassing, degrading, humiliating or damaging, in any way, whatsoever, to others.