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CHO2go Teachings and Workshops

we motivate individuals; engage employees 

and provide benchmark tools for management!!! 

solid… affordable… magnetic… attractive…

Step your way to greater riches, relationships, realms and realities…

CHO2go commands results and performance, by opening hearts and polishing mindsets and we do it, through the Love, courage and authenticity of your very own CHO Chief Happiness Officer!!! Here, YOU are motivated by your own purpose, passion, praise, beauty and agenda and if you are not sure what they are or where they have gone to, we can help YOU find them!!!

‘Power your people AND your business!!!

For organizations, we guide you to, empower your people and to take collective, tangible advantage of the positive, Happier masses. Here, we go way past ‘lip service’ when it comes to the ‘Spirit’ of the corporation, to: engage staff; reduce costs; and streamline operations. Here, you drive productivity and performance through the strength, placement and motivation, of all your ‘untapped’ assets! The Cho2go teachings, will fuel you to break barriers and soar way beyond borders, by ‘flipping the lens’, and paving way, to new territories, gateways,  portals… 

Cho2go Teachings and Workshops

for individuals and organizatios

*Annual subscriptions include, 4+ hours/month; 48+ hours/year: 

2 new teachings | 2 reflection sessions | 2 private, do-it-yourself assignments

Happy People Performance Package

(for individuals and families)

Here, you never need dough to rise… the ingredients are inside of you!

Sample of Workshops

Aligning the Societal Landscape – creating stir through absolute awareness

Happiness 101 – flipping the Lens, to a lot of positives

Taking a Leap with Knowledge – creating your CHO Intel foundation

Embracing YOUR CHO – CHO? What really is a CHO, anyways???

Connecting with YOUR CHO – learning to attract your best Happy

Leading with Love – still making the world go joyously around… in every angle, aspect & avenue!!!

Cleansing YOUR CHO – getting to the heart of your matter… reduce that regurgitating head chatter!!!

Energizing YOUR CHO – pump your Happy, to grow your best CHO, forward. Feng Shui away!!!

Polishing your positives – grabbing value from all the avenues!

ManifesCHO!!! – put YOUR CHO, into action!!!… turn your bucket list, into a lifestyle

Nurture your Happy lifestyle – daily pump-ups, powers and positives!

… best of all… we are just getting started….!!!

Happy Business Performance Package

A step-by-step platform, for instant, ongoing value. You get, the Happy People Teachings and then add the following management components:

Sample Workshops

Creating the Ideal Business CHO – we take the ‘spirit’ of the organization, way past lip service!!!

Planting Powerful Seeds of your Happy Culture – what really tickles your Happy?

Recognizing the Pulse of your Organization

Establishing Your Happiness Mindset

Launching your CHO, into full-blown action!!!

Taking a Leap with Knowledge – creating your CHO Intel foundation

Working Together, to Establish your Happy Culture Foundation – replacing your negatives, with positives

Leading with Love – the ultimate fuel, for progress, power and profits!!!

Harnessing the Power of Happy synergies – realizing new-found, Happy power, in numbers

Polishing even more positives – poising you for success, in every aspect! Feng Shui away!!! 

ManifesCHO!!! – turning Your dreams into realties!!!

Nurturing your Happy Culture – keep putting your best CHO’s, forward

… best of all… there’s more to learn and apply and we can tangibly measure, the performance and impact, in your organization!!!

We integrate an innovative, clever blend of, innate, intellectual, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, business AND product intelligences, to flow negatives into positives; intangibles into tangibles; pains into power; losses into profits; failures into successes; AND dreams into realities.

At CHO2go, people are the energy of the future… and we have barely the skimmed the surface!!! Here, you can drill through all your pent up wonder, to capture all of your cherished positives!

Focusing on  the science of humanity and the power of energy medicine, will soar you to dimensions, you never thought were possible!!!

Cho2go, is the FIRST and ONLY service-provider, to professionally drive solid, tangible value, through non-typical, non-conventional and non-traditional sources. NOBODY does what we do because NOBODY has our storyline, perspective, vision or experience. Our service portfolio, is for all ages and all businesses.

Customer Value $$$

Here’s how we beCHO,  the value… 

  • Two (2) new CHO2go Teachings; AND
  • Two (2) Reflection Sessions following each new CHO2go session. Here, you can share, discuss and/or observe views, perceptions, reflections and experiences, and continue to grow, with your CHO2go family; AND
  • Two(2)  CHO2go Assignments – Bring to life, each week, what you’ve learned and  independently, or within a group, explore your new-found empowerment; AND
  • a detailed, annual schedule of the CHO2go Teachings; AND
  • the detail, simplicity and transparency, of our CHO2go Performance model;
  • 50+ hours per year of steady, reliable teachings, delivered on a weekly basis. 
Attracting YOUR best Happy

As a Cho2go subscriber, YOU can soar, well beyond your potential, if YOU are willing to polish your own attitude, assets and virtues. Here, YOU are able to comfortably explore and expand, your strengths, motivators and potentials, at your pace, place and pleasure. Any Cho2go subscriber willing to: 

  1. invest 4 hours per month, of quality, edCHOcational time, live, online; and
  2. commit to the suggested follow-up of fun strategies and practices; and
  3. complete, even just a portion of the Cho2go teachings

…can fully expect to achieve optimum results, from the Cho2go New Age Performance model, both personally and professionally… tangibly and intangibly.

Like anything in life, consistency commitment and accountability, yields rewards. Adding authenticity, takes it way over the moon, in whatever shape, ship or capacity, you shape it as!!!

Commitment to Passion

Of course, it’s up to Cho2go to ensure it’s customers are always Happily served and overly-satisfied. We are in the business of dreams and livelihoods and everything we do, is for YOU, personally and professionally. As the leading service provider of new age intelligence, our focus is always on value, efficiency and performance. 

The success of our model, is based on YOU Happily achieving YOUR goals and wanting to refer us, to others. We are dedicated to the Happiness of our customers, the positive growth of our CHO’s and our overall ability, to positively affect Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness, one-by-one and collectively.

Customer FAQ's

What if you have to miss a live session or can not attend the allotted video scheduling? No problem. It’s very easy to catch up, on your own, or join another upcoming session, without interrupting your groove or getting behind. 

Subscription Cancellation

Cho2go membership cancellation, is on-the-spot and easy-to-terminate. All we request, is a quick confirmation, via email. Of course, we hope you will be happy to provide any feedback… people are how we grow and how we keep making a difference.

Happiness is an automatic lead and follow… Happiness is magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation.

content-rich… powerful… thought-provoking… objective… truthful… innovative, inspirational… educational… value-added… dynamic… robust… efficient… affordable… reliable… down-to-earth… relative… rockin’ and real!!!