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Leo (Lion): July 23rd–August 22nd

Ruled by: Sun

Element: fire

Colours: orange, red, gold

Metal: gold

Flower: sunflower, marigold, gerbera

Season: summer

Stone: ruby

Anatomy: heart

Lucky #’s: 4, 13, 22, 31

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Ruled by the Sun, Leo, the lion… the kings and queens of the celestial jungle! Leos are natural-born leaders… strong, bold, powerful… regal, dignified and even, noble! Lions feel innately important. Wouldn’t you, if you ruled a kingdom?!

Leos take pride in their stature, reputation and image. They delight in making the world a better place by making people, Happier. Known for diplomacy, fairness and justice, Leos are consistently level-headed and reasonable. A Leo would rarely ever, ‘lose it’, in public, even if you do tweak the roar, that rests within them. 

Leos are opinionated, authoritative and have an innate need, for self-expression. While they do like to bask ‘in the spotlight’, they also like to… order the 5×7 card, for the full-blown Leo astrological summary.

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5×7 blank greeting card – $6.99, 8.5×11 art print – 1/500 – limited signed edition – $11.99