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Sagittarius (Archer): November 22nd–December 21st

Ruled by: Jupiter

Element: fire

Colours: purple, plum, dark blue, turquoise

Metal: tin

Flower: carnation, hydrangea, peony

Season: fall

Stone: topaz

Anatomy: hips, thighs, muscles

Lucky #’s: 3, 5, 6, 8

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Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius, the last fire sign, symbolized by a half-man, half-horse archer, seeking intellectual and spiritual adventures. The centaur represents man’s animalistic natures and desires, the development of the human soul and spiritual aspirations. Sagittarians are enthusiastic, adventurous and optimistic idealists, with an insatiable zest, for life, and a spirit, that’s magnetic, giggly and joyous.

Sagittarians are social butterflies, who Love learning through live, interactive fun and connection. They are lighthearted, easy-going and Happily, independent and enjoy people, from all walks of life. Sagattarians are very loving, accepting and non-judging. You do not have to be polished or refined, for a Sagittarius to want to be friends, with you!… order the 5×7 card, for the full-blown Sagittarius astrological summary.

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5×7 blank greeting card – $6.99, 8.5×11 art print – 1/500 – limited signed edition – $11.99