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Taurus (Bull): April 20th–May 20th

Ruled by: Venus

Sign: earth


Metal: copper

Flower: rose, poppy

Season: spring


Anatomy: neck, throat

Lucky #’s: 6, 15, 24

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Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the 2nd sign in the zodiac. It is symbolized by the strength, stamina and power, of the Bull. Unlike the Aries ram, the bull is much less reactive and much more stoic, grounded and steadfast. Taurians, like the bulls, are Happy to graze, alone, but are certainly not loners.  

Taurians thrive through their senses… more than most of the other zodiacs. They possess traits of beauty, artistry, hedonism and a love of luxury and comfort. They are hard-working, comfort-loving individuals who feel Happy and secure, in… order the 5×7 card, for the full-blown Taurus astrological summary.

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5×7 blank greeting card – $6.99, 8.5×11 art print – 1/500 – limited signed edition – $11.99